New Year, New Craftiness

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! ¬†I hope yours finds you happy and healthy and creative ūüôā

We had a nice, laid back sort of holiday here. ¬†We passed around the cold of doom the week before and after Christmas, so we weren’t up for doing a whole lot. ¬†We got loads of snow here in the last week or so, and we took¬†the¬†kiddos out sledding and had a freaking blast! ¬†Cabbie couldn’t get enough of it and kept trying to march back up the hill himself, which ended in a face-down backwards slide¬†every time¬† since his chubby little legs could barely lift over the snow.

Shop wise, things have finally slowed down and I actually have a¬†completely¬†empty queue for the first time in months. ¬†It’s so weird. ¬†But I’ve been using the downtime to work on new stuff for Papyrusaurus, including lots of wedding themed goodies, and to launch an entirely new shop for my jewelry creations, SticksAndTomes. ¬†I decided to keep it exclusively on TheCraftStar¬†because I feel as a smaller site, I’ll get more exposure there and I love the community. ¬†On Etsy I think I would just get lost in the sea of jewelry shops and get zero feedback. ¬†And so far I’ve been right. ¬†I’ve had three sales with in two weeks on TCS, ¬†all were bought within a day (sometimes¬†minutes) of being listed. ¬†So I’m excited for all the fun that’s going to bring. ¬†Plus it give me something to fill the space that my ornaments¬†would¬†usually take up at craft fairs this spring. ¬† ¬† I’ve also been working on my social media skills,¬†finally¬†joining Twitter @Papyrusaurus (it still makes my eyes bleed, btw), and posting on Itsbetterhandmade. ¬†I just applied to the Artisan Group as well, the people behind amazing handmade celebrity gift bags at award shows, so fingers crossed on that. ¬†I have another spot booked on 20BestTwenty¬†at the end of the month, which I’m really stoked about. ¬†They get the most talented artists together for their galleries and it’s always such an honor to be among them. ¬†I’m excited to see who I’m featured alongside this time. ¬†As a kicker their coordinator, Meg, is ah-maze-ing to deal with, not to mention funny and super supportive of all their featured artists and crafters.


Okay, before I dash off to get Finn off to school, here’s a few photos of what I’ve been up to:



Catch up

My, oh my. ¬†I’m a terrible blogger. ¬†It’s a good thing practically no one reads this. ¬†

The holiday rush hit like a tornado. ¬†I’m just now all caught up on my Black Friday orders. ¬†My fab customers have me teetering on the edge of 100 sales in my Etsy shop. ¬†And I had some sales in my TheCraftStar¬†shop as well (which, by the way is the only place you can get my adorable jewelry line). ¬†My little Harry Potter pine cones have been all the rage. ¬†I’ve sold 14 of them since Thanksgiving. ¬†Add those to the Twilight and dictionary pine cones and it’s been pretty cone-a-rific around here. ¬†And now for some pictures of what I’ve been up to:

These beauties went off to Serendipity of Exeter, in Exeter, NH.



And these (41!) headed off to Utah to be a part of Olive and Cocoa’s employee gifts



I started making mini pine cones and did this beautiful custom order. ¬†We left the hanging loops off so they would more greatly resemble hop cones. ¬†My darling customer is using two of these as part of a custom tap handle for her boyfriend’s bar.



And another customer took me up on my offer to add bling to the pine cones.  I love the sparkle on this one!



And I’ve been enamored with making jewelry, when I have a spare minute, which is rarely.

Woodland Sparkle Earrings




Oh! And I had the most awesome opportunity through TheCraftStar! ¬†I got to contribute a few of my creations to celebrity gift bags. ¬†I’ll post more on that when they’ve been gifted and I have photos to share. ¬†


Lastly, the gallery show I was asked to participate in looks amazing.  I so wish I could have been there this weekend for the opening reception.  I actually had to send a second box of ornaments because they sold half of what I originally sent before the show even opened.







Okay, that’s going to have to be it for now. ¬†I have much cleaning to do in preparation of our friend Bobby visiting for a couple weeks, and I have a small round child destroying my studio which I just cleaned up. ¬† If I don’t get to update before the big ‘Mas, ¬†I hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday with much cheer, food and memory making!

Face Full of Hurt

I’ve been on take-it-easy mode this week, much to my dismay. ¬†Sunday afternoon my toothache that had been dormant for months came back with a¬†vengeance. ¬†I spent all day near tears and curled up in a ball with a hot compress on my jaw. ¬†Ugh. ¬†My boys were sweet though and cuddled with me and brought me a blanket and, most importantly, were well behaved and entertained themselves without any major squabbles. ¬†My mom dropped by Sunday evening and I was feeling better enough to attempt eating. ¬†It went well for a few bites then I got hit with a huge jolt through my jaw so strong that I literally threw my pizza away from me so I could clutch my face and curl up in the fetal position. ¬†You can bet the kids thought that was HILARIOUS. ¬†Most fortunately our insurance had kicked in mere days before so I was able to get in to the dentist on Monday. ¬†I got a script for painkillers (which have done nothing) and for an antibiotic and an appointment for today to get the sucker pulled out. ¬†I was so zapped that by the time I got the boys home I was ready to drop. ¬†They went down for a nap and I collapsed in a heap for two hours. ¬†I managed to get a bit of work done Tuesday and Wednesday in between catching up on housework and then today was also a waste since I had the extraction this morning. ¬†It was quick and I was fine until the novocaine wore off two hours after I got home (after a lovely nap thankfully). ¬†Cue feeling like someone took a brick or possibly a hammer to my face. ¬†And the damn thing will not stop bleeding. ¬†Blech. ¬† I¬†did¬†however take some photos of some new earrings and a project for Piermont Straus that I started last week. ¬†You’ll have to be held over with those until I do something of actual worth.



Okay, that’s it for now. ¬†If I go on I’ll just end up whining about how much my face hurts. ¬†I promise something good or at least more pictures when I don’t have my mouth stuffed with gauze.

A little peek…

Thought I’d give you folks a little glance at what goes into making one of my custom ornaments. ¬†This rosette ball¬†was made for my returning customer that also had a pine cone mae from Wendy’s logos and an inside-out ball made from her company’s logo. ¬†All her orders have revolved around moments in her relationship with her boyfriend. ¬†This time she sent me a message asking if I had any ideas for an ornament representing a date they had where he cooked for her on a Weber charcoal grill. ¬†I immediately thought of setting things on fire ( I swear I’m not a pyromaniac). ¬†I suggested using an instruction manual for the grill and singeing all the edges of the roses. ¬†She loved the idea and away we went!

So, yeah. ¬†Just about anything is possible with these guys. ¬†I’ll even risk setting my house and eyebrows on fire.

On Repeat.

So, I did another local craft show this weekend. ¬†Once again it was a bust. ¬†I did break even this time though, so that was a plus. ¬†And I made the most spectacular friends with the ladies at the table next to me. ¬†They had me in stitches the entire day. ¬†Love them! ¬†And I came home to another Etsy order and that always makes for a great day. ¬†Today I had a recent customer that had custom ornaments made come back for a THIRD (!) special ornament for her boyfriend. ¬†I love custom orders and I love repeat customers. ¬†While at the craft fair I worked on and completed a Harry Potter Pine Cone Ornament, and once home I made a matching Twilight ornament for the same customer. ¬†They’ll be going off to their new home tomorrow. ¬†

Harry Potter Ornament
Twilight Ornament



And a lovely friend of mine spotted the finished HP ornament on my Facebook page, she requested one for herself as well. ¬†So that’ll be a second custom order this week. ¬†Goodness. ¬†Plus I still have 19 more ornaments to pop out for Piermont Straus. ¬†Not to mention working on fun new awesomeness for both online and upcoming craft shows. ¬†I may need a bigger coffee mug.¬†

Busy, busy. And I’m internet famous.

Whew. ¬†I’m coming down off of a huge adrenaline rush right now. I feel like I’m crashing after mainlining 5 cups of coffee. ¬†Goodness.

What’s got me so flustered you ask? Well, I was asked to be a featured artist at Piermont Straus¬†in Piermont, NY. ¬†My pinecone ornaments¬†will be alongside works from Ramon Lascano, who makes glorious large scale works from recycled paper, books and magazines. ¬†It’s such an honor and an amazing opportunity. I’m a little overwhelmed actually. His work is astounding and I can’t believe my creations will be beside his. ¬†:Deep breath:

Plus, I’ll be featured in the near future on iVillage as part of their 20 Christmas Crafts tutorial series as well. And next month on 20 Best. ¬†So much publicity and exposure. ¬†I can’t believe my little shop is getting this much positive attention. ¬†I just make things that I enjoy, using mostly materials that I find for free and hope that someone else out there finds them as interesting as I do.


Gah.  I need a beer.  And some chocolate.  Anyone wish to bring me some?

Testing, testing. One, two.

Why, hello there. ¬†How are you today? Thanks for stopping by. ¬†You’re looking lovely this morning, by the way. ¬†Who am I? Oh, so sorry. ¬†I’m Ashley, so very nice to meet you.

Now that that’s out of the way, you may or may not know that I’m the human behind Papyrusaurus. ¬†Now that you’ve had a look around my shop, favorited it and spent lots of money there you’ll know that I make lots of fun stuff from paper. ¬†Mostly ornaments this time of year, but also typography/art prints on vintage book pages, note cards, party favors and gift wrapping items. ¬†I use a lot of upcycled paper in my projects but I’m not opposed to buying new stuff, especially if the new stock is covered in glitter. ¬†I have some fab new stuff coming up for the busy season and I’ve started doing local craft shows with my wares as well. Which is a huge step for me since I’m completely socially awkward after 4 years at home with small children. ¬†That’s right, I may look 17, but I assure you I’m not. ¬†I have two crazy as heck boys, a crazy as heck husband and two crazy as heck giant dogbeasts. Lots of crazy around these parts. ¬†Because of this crazy I’ve taken to drinking lots of coffee. ¬†And crafting. ¬†Both keep me motivated and (semi) sane. ¬† I’ll get around to introducing my little family but for now I shall leave you with a photo of myself and my partner in crime/studio assistant- Giant Mug of Coffee.